School of Yoga – Mystical Yoga Teacher Training

Dec 3rd – Dec 23rd 200hr YTT

School Yoga Institute yoga teacher training is different. Mystical. Spiritual. Magical. Awakening. Revelatory. Inspiring.

Dive deep into self-discovery and reveal your inner mystic. Awaken. Inspire. Reveal. Then share the experience with others in service.

“Mystical Yoga is the union of Sadhana Yoga and Indigenous Shamanic practices, revealing your INNER MYSTIC.” Ganapati

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Goddess Gathering Peru

Oct 20 – 27 2017

Together we will spend seven nights in a sacred mountain lodge nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountains just outside Sacred Valley, Peru. The week will consist of light yoga, hikes, meditation, ecstatic dance, activities for cultivating Yin energy and excursions to the sacred sites and mountains around us. One despacho ceremony, three Ayahuasca ceremonies and a traditional sweat lodge will also be offered and encouraged. As we journey within for healing and ancient earth wisdom, we discover and connect with our higher selves, remaining present in sisterhood to support each other with whatever may come up.  For more info Please visit here

Shamanic Yoga & Plant Medicine Retreat

Oct 29 – Nov 4 2017

Join us in the highlands of Peru as we flow through the transformative levels of the Native American Medicine Wheel, dive deep into the practice of Yoga and experience the healing effects of sacred Plant Medicines.

Experience the deep connection found through this integrative program as we blend the traditions of Meditation, Yoga, Qigong with the local medicines of San       Pedro, Ayahuasca and Energetic Healing.  Plant Medicine ceremonies are led by trusted local guides with lifetimes of experience.  We work with local healers that we call family from our many years experience in Peru. For more info visit here

Entering the Sacred: Women’s Transformational Journey with Alandra Kai & Ariel Swan 

October 29 – November 5, 2017
Join us for a truly transformational week in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The Andean mountains contain some of the world’s purest energy for you to meditate, hike, practice yoga, and experience the sacred. We will be staying at the beautiful eco-retreat center, famous for their gardens, accommodations, and fresh, healthy gourmet food.
During this week we will be utilizing the energy of PachaMama (earth mother) to go deep into the sacredness within you and the Earth. Alandra will be guiding us into deeper connections to our heart, body, breath, and Being so that we may remember the sacredness and preciousness that we are, access our promise, become more grounded and centered with what is, and move through whatever blocks or beliefs we may have that keep us from resting in the love, peace, and beauty that we are.
Ariel Swan joins Alandra to teach daily yoga (yin) and pilates classes to keep us strong and centered in our bodies. Authentic local ceremonies will be offered to prepare us to enter the sacred energies of the High Andes and the spirit of PachaMama.
We will also be working with one of the center’s programs that help the local communities: Children’s Nutrition, Permaculture, School Construction, River Clean-up, or Native Tree Planting are options depending on the current needs. You will experience a great source of happiness from extending oneself in giving back to others and serving through this opportunity.
After the week is over, there is an extended four-day hike for those that wish to explore Machu Picchu. It follows the spectacular but lesser used Lares Trail. Far off the beaten track, this trail has hardly changed in the last 500 years; you will glimpse the old way of life away from the tourists surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains. This not-to-be-missed trip has a limited amount of spaces so book early to hold your place!

Sacred Valley Retreat in Peru with Ra Yoga

October 29 – November 5, 2017
The Ra family is headed to Peru for a mystical stay in Sach’a Munay within the Sacred Valley. With twice daily yoga and the option to explore the nearby ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, this is an adventure not to be missed. Join Kyle Weiger and Kaitlin Honeycutt from October 29-November 5, 2017 for nine days in this beautiful country.
Ra Yoga is founded in the idea of community and connection to all things. The intention of our retreat is to continue to strengthen our community while strengthening our spiritual connection, deepening our yoga practice, exploring the magic that resides in places far from home, and provide opportunities to serve the local community. It is our intention to create a space that allows for a deeper understanding of yourself, your practice, and the world around you.

Sacred Paths Yoga Teacher Training’s

Nov 5-25  2017 | Mar 18-Apr 7 | Nov 4-24, 2018

The Sacred Paths 21 day 200hr Yoga Teacher Training programs blend traditional yogic teachings and spirituality with earth medicine to provide a holistic, synergistic and applicable approach to living this yogic practice. This program is designed for those souls with an interest in yoga, spirituality and meditation and an interest in deepening that connection to live your life with intention and more fully aligned with your truth. Our YTTs offer an opportunity for self growth, personal development and transformation while providing the tools necessary to develop your own personal practice or to step into your calling as teacher and guide. We will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, yogic diet, Ayurveda, healing arts and more while tapping into the expansiveness of this practice. The experience will be richly informative, empowering and inspiring. Awaken to your heart’s calling as you embark upon this sacred path. For more info please visit here

Relax Rejuvenate Retune in Peru’s Sacred Valley with Luke Hamilton

Nov 21 – 29 2017

Learn authentic Chen style Taichi in the sacred valley and come retune with me in on this highly vibrational retreat with Yoga, Soundbath, Healing, Acupuncture, Qigong, Meditation and Tezmescal. Email for more info.




Retiro de inmersión en el estilo de vida y la ciencia del yoga.

Enero 03-10 2018

Dirigido por: Fernando Calviño y Alexa Traugott | Con la participación de Alejandra Cárdenas

El yoga propone que para poder establecerte en una experiencia de creatividad, paz, armonía y luminosidad , debes lograr sintonizar y afinar todos los planos de tu personalidad: el plano físico, energético, mental , emocional y espiritual.Y sólamente cuando hayas logrado afinar, sintonizar y armonizar todas estas áreas de tu vida lograras establecerte en esa experiencia de equilibrio y fluidez.Este retiro te va a dar la oportunidad de entender los principios fundamentales teóricos y prácticos de la filosofía del Yoga.Además tendrás la posibilidad de conocer sobre la medicina y alimentación del Ayurveda, ciencia hermana del Yoga, que junto con la teoría y practica del yoga fortalecerán aún más tu salud y bienestar.Vas a adquirir conocimiento, herramientas , y vas a poder practicar y experimentar durante 8 días consecutivos, un estilo de vida yóguico, lo cual te va a permitir evaluar por ti mismo su repercusión en tu vida y lograr el impulso necesario como para poder incorporarlo en tu diario vivir.

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Yoga, Service, & Machu Picchu Adventure with Karina Ayn Mirsky 

January 27 – February 4, 2018
Take a sabbatical from daily life to join Karina Ayn Mirsky and friends for an epic adventure in the highlands of Peru. We’ll stay at a lovely retreat center in the Sacred Valley of Peru, about 50 miles from the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. Come experience the colorful Peruvian culture and commune with the glorious Andes mountains, plants, and nearby waterfalls.
During our time at the retreat center, we will be nourished by daily meals, guided meditations, yoga asana classes, satsangs (spiritual gatherings), and time for rest and relaxation. Spa services are also available for optional additional self-care.
Three Very Special Highlights Of This Retreat:
1. Participation in a sacred Despacho ceremony with a local shaman
2. A day of service; participation in a humanitarian project in the local community
3. A two-day hiking tour of the wondrous Machu Picchu, which has been recorded as one of the most important archeological sites in the world

Exploring the Essence of Yoga with Amanda Harding and Bobbie Marchand 

March 2-10, 2018
Join Amanda and Bobbie for an inspiring journey immersed in the beauty of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Aligning with nature’s rhythm, each day begins with vibrant, challenging Vinyasa Yoga in preparation for the day ahead. Cultural excursions are planned to delight and soothe our urbanized senses, reconnecting us back to the power of the elements with renewed reverence. Throughout the retreat, opportunities to serve the local community in meaningful ways will foster the qualities of compassion and selflessness deep within, taking the yoga practice truly off-the-mat. Evening practices of Yin, Restorative, Kirtan and/or Meditation will allow time for absorption and reflection promoting a restful night’s sleep to wake up and emerge anew.

Yoga and Your Higher Self – Peru Retreat with Andrea Dyer of Mind|Body|Fitness Yoga 

March 10-18, 2018
Retreat to the Andes mountains for an adventure that will take you toward your higher self through yoga, meditation, and volunteerism. The trip includes a daily yoga and meditation practice aligned with the altitude and attitude of the Andes culture. Imagine daily silent walking meditations, mindful asana, deeply relaxing yoga nidra, yin yoga rebalancing, and pranayama practices in the cradle of the ancient Inca culture. The trip offers options for local volunteerism and an overnight trip to Machu Picchu to watch the sunrise and explore the ruins. The schedule is designed to move mindfully with the altitude and terrain. There will be time built in for exploration of the local culture.
The retreat will be held at a beautiful retreat center in the Sacred Valley of Peru, surrounded by the twelve mountains known as “apus”—“luminous beings” who are said to intercede on behalf of people. The retreat center offers rooms with views of the mountains, locally-sourced food, and services supporting personal healing and reflection.

Soul Quest in the Sacred Valley with Jessica Riley-Norton

March 10-18, 2019
Soul Quest is a pause from routine, our daily tasks, roles, and societal identity.  It is an opportunity to boldly step in to a sacred environment and go within, with a community of people seeking to commune with the divine.
Peru is a sacred environment, of lush rainforest, tall zen mountains, and home to ancient people who live in harmony with their environment.  The Sacred Valley is an ideal place for our group to attend retreat, re-acclimating to our inner light and our Earth mother as we practice asana, peruvian rituals, meditate, hike, and nourish our bodies with wholesome foods.
This retreat will denote elements of Yoga philosophy as we experience ritual, people, and environment in Peru.

Living Authentically: Sacred Valley, Peru Yoga Retreat with Kerry and Kelly

May 5-12, 2018
Rejuvenate and connect with your authentic self during this one-week retreat so that you can find exciting new places to grow. Through twice-daily focused yoga classes, meditation, and workshops that will help you explore your true nature, you will walk away from the retreat feeling inspired to live authentically.
Aligning with nature, each day begins with a group meditation walk followed by a flowing series of asanas (vinyasa) linked by the breath, designed to build strength and stamina in the body and tranquility in the mind. This class will be a sweet mindful flow that is suitable for all levels and will prepare you for the day ahead.
Karma yoga will include a cultural opportunity to serve the local community that will foster the qualities of compassion and selflessness deep within, taking the yoga practice truly off the mat.
The retreat will include workshops on discovering your personal Ayurvedic nature and finding purpose so you can lead authentically. Evening practices will include yoga nidra/meditation, yin with joyful sounds and vibrations, and daily reflection that will allow time to let all your good day’s work crystallize so that it becomes permanent and real.

The Yoga of Chocolate with Jyl Marie

May 26 – June 2 2018

In the practice of yoga, pratyahara is often defined simply as a “withdrawal of the senses”. In this day & age where it can be so easy to experience both sensory overwhelm and/or dullness, a more accurate practice would be to re-awaken the senses…but without attachment or preferences or likes & dislikes.

Scholars of yoga philosophy often regard pratyahara as the ‘forgotten limb’ of yoga, it’s importance being gravely undervalued and ignored. Pratyahara is intimately related to ALL the limbs of yoga, as they all – from asana to samadhi—contain aspects of pratyahara; It is the basis for meditation and provides the gateway towards the higher practices of yoga: dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (absorption/oneness).

In this 8 day/7 night retreat, we will turn the spotlight on this forgotten limb, weaving together asana, meditation, breathwork, somatic movement, sacred ritual and ceremony, indigenous healing practices, and (drum roll)… CHOCOLATE as the vehicles with which we will use to recover, revitalize, and deepen our sensory awareness. For more info and register please visit here


Sacred Soul Journey with the Claires

July 18 – 26 2018

Join Claire Santos and Claire Zovko for a transformational journey to sacred lands and a homecoming to a deeper awareness of your true nature.  This is a calling to explore with reverent intention the elemental beauty of the world around and within you, to awaken all layers of your being, and to experience the magnificence that is always present, even if sometimes hidden by the forest of life. Click here for more information and to register.

Into the Heart of Light  – A Yoga and Plant Medicine Immersion

August 7 – 17 2018

Within a warm cocoon in the foothills of the Andes, Our journey and transformation takes place… East meets West as we experience a unique synergy: the shamanic practices of the Americas and the ancient art and science of Yoga Renew and deepen your relationship with yourself, your life, and Pachamama (Mother Earth) Open to all, this immersion counts as a 100-hour module for those moving towards an advanced 500-hour certification. $1795 all-inclusive price includes medicine ceremonies, facilitation, guided hikes, organic, chef-prepared meals, and accommodation. Click here for more information and to register.